Well By Design Program Promotes Health AND Happiness

At The Heritage of Green Hills, we know that health and wellness are more than getting regular exercise and keeping up with doctor’s appointments (though we’re big fans of those things, too!). We understand that true wellness is a combination of many factors, including personal fulfillment, a sense of purpose, true connections with other people and the world around us, physical health, and happiness.

With the goal of promoting genuine mind-body-spirit well-being in all our residents, our comprehensive and holistic Well by DesignSM program fosters eight different dimensions of wellness: social, physical, intellectual, emotional, vocational, spiritual, environmental, and health services.

Each month, our Independent Living and Care Center activities calendars are full of fun and interesting events, classes, outings, performances, parties, games, and volunteering opportunities that cultivate and boost one or more of these facets of wellness.

Heritage of Green Hills Wellness Director Cheryl Anderson, who created the popular Well by DesignSM program, creates the jam-packed independent living schedule based on the personal interests of residents. “I often get suggestions for new activities they want to try and places they want to visit each month,” she says. “My job is to take everything I can and put all those pieces into a calendar for them for the month. Our activities run the gamut from memory classes with brain games, to water volleyball games in the community’s indoor pool, to visits to Washington, D.C.”

The Heritage of Green Hills knows that everyone is unique, with different passions and life experiences. We work with each resident to determine interests, hobbies, and goals they’d like to pursue, and then create customized plans to help encourage a well-rounded and engaging life. Our goal is always to nurture as much independence as possible for as long as possible. And the best way to do that is by living well.

Social Wellness

Connecting with others and enjoying a sense of belonging is a fundamental part of human happiness. Social isolation can be devastating to physical health, too. Our welcoming community offers opportunities for residents to build and maintain strong relationships every day. Examples include club meetings, regularly scheduled games of all sorts, and frequent parties.

Physical Wellness

Participating in physical activity regularly is easy —and fun!!! — at The Heritage of Green Hills. In Independent Living, we offer traditional workout classes in our fully-equipped gym, plus Pilates, tap dancing, drumming, belly dancing, and water aerobics. We even have our own cheerleading squad, The Heritage Hotties. In the Care Center, we offer modified classes, such as chair dance, in addition to physical and occupational therapy. And, yes, there is a chair cheerleading squad in the Care Center, too!

Intellectual Wellness

Lifelong learning is a key component of brain health and personal fulfillment. We regularly host presentations from experts about a wide variety of interesting topics. Recent examples include the Nurses of Pearl Harbor and the Creation of the Smartphone. We also are home to a few book clubs, a weekly brain fitness class, and a monthly Great Decisions Discussion Group. Residents of the Care Center also explore interesting topics through games, movies, crafts, and parties focused on a monthly theme.

Emotional Wellness

Emotional wellness is nurtured at The Heritage of Green Hills through the community’s many activities that bring people together or promote personal happiness. In addition, The Heritage offers specific support groups, including groups for caregivers, people experiencing grief, and women. Residents from the Care Center benefit from frequent visits from therapy animals, and both Independent Living and Care Center residents enjoy regularly scheduled musical performances from professional artists.

Vocational Wellness

Remaining engaged in the greater community by tapping into existing knowledge, discovering new interests, or refining forgotten skills is important for personal fulfillment. Opportunities at The Heritage include volunteering for community projects (we love to volunteer here!), exploring creativity in our art studio and woodworking shop, or building models in our train room.

Spiritual Wellness

In addition to services, prayer groups, and Bible studies, The Heritage incorporates other kinds of spiritual activities into the mix, including yoga, Tai Chi, and meditation. Care Center residents may attend onsite religious services and participate in chair yoga.

Environmental Wellness

Connecting with nature and breathing fresh air is a boon of personal wellness. Our most obvious environmental wellness offering is our beautiful, sprawling green campus, with its many paths and benches. We also offer frequent trips to local parks and other natural settings. Care Center residents enjoy weekly scenic bus rides, as well as an onsite patio and gardens with planting areas, a water feature, a pergola, and a fire pit.

Health Services

The Heritage takes a proactive approach to resident health. We have found it is essential for disease prevention and detection, as well as residents’ peace-of-mind and independence. Medical screenings and regular exams, which can be done right on campus, along with the proper management and organization of healthcare needs, can lead to longer, healthier, happier lives for residents. We offer onsite clinical lab, medication management, rehabilitation, hospice, and physician services.

Learn more about the Well by DesignSM program here: https://heritageofgreenhills.com/independent-living/wellness/


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