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Senior Health Services in Shillington, PA

Imagine your days filled with the things you want to do, rather than the things you have to do. That’s the freedom and independence that comes with living at The Heritage of Green Hills.

Leave housekeeping and maintenance to our friendly staff. When you move to The Heritage, your “to-do” list takes on a whole new meaning. Try meditation or tap dancing. Get into Zumba or water volleyball. Sing in the choir. Attend a lecture or tutor students at a local elementary school. At The Heritage, you’ll have time to do the things you’ve always wanted to do.

With neighborhood cocktail parties, themed dinners, evening entertainment, community outings, games and tournaments, there’s no shortage of fun. Or friendly, fun-loving people to share in the good times. In fact, you might just discover there are more activities to enjoy than there are hours in the day.

Think of The Heritage as an extension of your current way of life, only better.

heritage aerial view of front of independent living building

We can’t wait to welcome you to the nearly 80 acres of scenic beauty on our campus!

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