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At The Heritage, living well and being well go hand in hand. In fact, you’ll discover a renewed sense of vigor thanks to our community-wide wellness program, Well by Design℠.

This comprehensive program helps you set and achieve personal goals through eight dimensions of wellness: social, physical, intellectual, emotional, vocational, spiritual, environmental and health services.

It’s all about engaging mind, body and spirit to help you get strong, stay strong and get more out of each day. No one comes to The Heritage to simply retire. They come for a new lifestyle where they can challenge themselves, explore new opportunities, be healthy and enjoy life.

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WELL BY DESIGN is the foundation of community culture at The Heritage of Green Hills. This community-wide initiative is developed around a unique, whole-person philosophy that focuses on helping everyone find a personal path to wellness. At The Heritage of Green Hills, residents have the opportunity to set and achieve goals following a customized plan that addresses the eight dimensions of wellness – social, physical, intellectual, emotional, vocational, spiritual, health services and environmental.

Social Dimension

Social wellness requires one to not only reach out to others but also accept similar efforts returned by their peers. A socially-well individual exhibits understanding, communication, participation, and courtesy toward the living things that surround them. Connecting with Others, Celebrating, Feeling, Participating.

Physical Dimension

Optimal physical health is more than simply the absence of disease. Positive lifestyle choices that benefit the body inside and out also factor into good health. Remaining active, establishing a healthy diet, and avoiding harmful habits are key to not only preventing disease, but also to maintaining and improving health – even as a person ages. Playing, Walking, Moving, Swimming, Dancing, Weight Training, Doing, Feeling, Being.

Intellectual Dimension

A person is never too old to learn something new. In fact, exercising the brain with stimulating activities has proven health benefits. Expanding one’s knowledge and pursuing new creative outlets can lead to improved cognitive health. Solving Problems, Teaching and Telling, Reading and Writing, Organizing, Stimulating and Integrating the Senses, Learning.

Emotional Dimension

Knowing how to recognize and embrace one’s thoughts and emotions, as well as being able to empathize with the feeling of others, is key to healthy emotional wellbeing. Expressing Individuality, Laughing and Smiling, appreciating Art & Music, Listening, Sharing, Caring, Loving.

Vocational Dimension

Residents maintain a sense of identity and purpose by exploring volunteerism and even employment after retirement. Collecting and Sorting, Creating and Making, Serving and Helping, Planning, Sharing Experiences and Knowledge.

Spiritual Dimension

Strong spiritual wellness gives meaning to a person’s life. Whether traditional or alternative, spirituality allows people to make sense of the everyday, find peace and security during times of struggle, and remain confident in their decisions. Praying, Contemplating, Meditating, Embracing, Spirit, Enjoying Nature.

Health Services Dimension

The Heritage takes a proactive approach to resident health. We have found it is essential for disease prevention and detection, as well as residents’ peace-of-mind and independence. Medical screenings and regular exams, along with the proper management and organization of health care needs, can lead to longer, healthier, happier lives for residents.

Environmental Dimension

Creating a healthy environment can be approached from a personal and an ecological standpoint. The Heritage residents lead a lifestyle that is respectful of their environment. Recycling, Nature Walks.

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