Guide to Moving into Senior Living

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We receive lots of questions from both seniors and their loved ones about what considerations are important when moving to senior living. To help make the transition smoother and more enjoyable, we’ve outlined questions a senior can ask themselves before, during and after they’ve moved to keep their top priorities in mind.

Considerations While You’re Choosing a Community

What Location Appeals to You?

You may want to stay in your current neighborhood, move to be closer to family or return to your hometown. Start your search for the right senior living community in a location you’ll be happy to live.

What Levels of Care Do You Think You May Need in the Future?

Though you may be selecting a senior living community while you’re still healthy and active, you can save yourself a lot of worry and future challenges by selecting a Life Plan Community, like The Heritage of Green Hills. At a Life Plan Community, you can move into independent living and enjoy the peace of mind of having access to a continuum of care. Residents of The Heritage have access to personal care and memory care if they ever need those services.

Are You Moving Independently or as a Couple?

If you’re moving as a couple, think through what you’d do if you and your spouse needed two different levels of care. At a Life Plan Community, you can both receive the care you require on the same campus.   

Will You Bring a Pet?

Your furry friends are part of the family. If you’re planning to bring them with you when you’re moving to senior living, look for a pet-friendly senior living community. At The Heritage of Green Hills, we even provide a fenced dog park so your pup can run freely and mix with other dogs in the community.

How Much Space Will You Need?

While some seniors are excited by the prospect of rightsizing into a one- or two-bedroom apartment, others prefer to have more space around them, so they choose a three-bedroom apartment or a spacious villa. Look for a community that offers the floor plans that will best suit you.

Do You Think You’ll Need Extra Storage Space?

Ample closet space is always a useful feature. If you think you’ll need more storage than what an individual residence provides, ask the community if they rent storage lockers. These are great spaces to keep holiday decorations, off-season clothes, or files you don’t need to have handy.

What Sort of Amenities Would You Like Your Community to Have?

Thoughtful on-campus amenities can help expand the opportunities in each day. A heated indoor pool allows you to swim or practice water aerobics year-round. A woodworking shop and creative arts studio let you revisit old passions or discover new talents. With community gardening spaces, you can get your hands in the soil and commune with nature. Comfortable dining venues and gathering spaces help you build connections and long-lasting friendships.

Considerations After You’ve Chosen a Community

Which Finishes Will Make You Feel at Home in Your Residence?

Your residence is your own. If you would like to hang a different chandelier, paint the walls or lay new floors, you absolutely can. It’s easiest to make these adjustments before you move in, so once you select a residence, consider what changes would make it feel homey, and schedule them to happen before moving day.

How Would You Like to Introduce Yourself to Your New Neighbors?

Moving to senior living is more exciting if you know the kind people living close to you. Drop them a note introducing yourself, or knock on their doors. Suggest grabbing coffee together or ask them about their favorite aspect of living at the community.

Which Clubs and Classes Would You Like to Join?

Have a plan to participate in community activities and make an effort to start in the first few weeks. Check out the activities calendar to see which events you’d like to join.

Considerations After You’ve Moved In

Which Dining Venue Would You Like to Try First?

While you will still have a full kitchen to cook in if you’d prefer, senior living communities like The Heritage of Green Hills offer several delicious dining options, giving you a variety of dishes to choose from.

Which Fitness Classes Interest You?

With a fully equipped fitness center, selection of interesting exercise classes, and a beautiful campus with walking paths, you can start a healthy routine you enjoy.

What Will You Do with Your Extra Time?

With no yardwork or home maintenance, you’ll have time to volunteer for causes you support, pick up new hobbies, and focus on your family and friends. Dream and plan for how you’d like to focus your energies after moving to senior living.

If you’re considering moving to senior living in the greater Philadelphia area, and you’d like to know more about the rich lifestyle and comfortable residences at The Heritage of Green Hills, contact us. We’d be happy to answer your questions and schedule an appointment.

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