Laura Emerich – Arts & Entertainment Coordinator

Laura Emerich, Arts & Entertainment Coordinator

Laura’s job is about much more than creating a busy activity calendar for Green Hills Manor residents. It’s about finding ways to meet the physical, emotional, spiritual, and psychosocial needs of residents.

“I create a robust calendar that includes a variety of activities that touch on each Dimension of Wellness” she said. She builds a program that appeals to a variety of interests and abilities, and that constantly encourages residents to participate.

Activities include exercise, arts & crafts, socials, bingo, community involvement, trips, entertainment, and dog therapy. “The more a resident participates in activities,” she said, “the better their overall wellbeing is. Just a few hours of social interaction a day has a great impact on the overall wellbeing of a resident.â”

The best thing about her job? “Being able to work with all the wonderful residents here at The Manor. I love hearing their stories, learning about their lives, and meeting their families. I spend so much time with the residents that I consider each one of them a part of my family.â”

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