Heritage of Green Hills Decorates Picket Fence for Father’s Day

The Heritage of Green Hills | Fence

Residents at the Heritage of Green Hills, a health lifeplan community in Shillington, Pa., are honoring their own dads this Father’s Day with a simple and moving display: portraits posted with care on a small picket fence.

“We decorated a tree with picture-frame ornaments for Mother’s Day, but we wanted to do something different to salute our fathers,” says Cheryl Anderson, the Well by Design Director at the Heritage of Green Hills who came up with the idea for the Father’s Day Fence. “A picket fence seemed like the perfect place to memorialize our dads and to share our favorite pictures of them.”

Dyla Morrissey, a resident in the senior living community, is proud of her accomplished father and is happy that she has an opportunity to share his story with her neighbors. “Moacyr Alves Morrissey was an architect and painter in Brazil, with work in Rio de Janeiro’s Museu Nacional de Belas Artes (National Museum of Fine Arts),” she explains. “This particular picture of him brings up many happy childhood memories.”

What was a small project has grown in scope as people saw the Father’s Day Fence in the Heritage’s Tavern Restaurant, and then went home to bring out their own cherished pictures to share. “We’ve been learning so many new things about each other and it’s started many great conversations,” Anderson explains.

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