Great Food and So Much More: Dining at The Heritage of Green Hills

Ask anyone who has visited The Heritage of Green Hills at lunch or dinner time, and you’re likely to hear about how great the food is.

Dining at Berks County’s premier senior living community is always a treat, whether you’re in the mood for heart-healthy fresh fish, a crisp farm-fresh salad made with local produce, sumptuous soup, a rich steak cooked to perfection, or even just your favorite comfort food elevated by well-trained chefs.

“We serve a curated mix of classic favorites and exciting new offerings,” explains Food and Beverage Director Daniel Hildebrandt. “We approach every dish with the same level of made-to-order care, whether it’s a trendy quinoa salad or a classic like spaghetti and meatballs. Exciting new dishes are wonderful, but frequently, what we really want is turkey and stuffing, or apple pie made with love that reminds us of time spent with our grandmothers. We honor the importance of the memories that our food evokes.”

Ingredients are sourced thoughtfully as well. “We’re in a perfect spot for a wide range of premium ingredients, with many fruits and vegetables coming straight from Lancaster County, and seafood and baked goods delivered from Samuels and Sons, and Le Bus,” he says. “If you can get in at the Reading Terminal Market in Philly, you can get it here.”

Unlike other communities, The Heritage doesn’t have a cycle menu. “At some places, residents know that meatloaf is on the menu every other Thursday,” Hildebrandt explains. “We offer a constantly changing restaurant-style menu. Some favorite dishes are offered every night, but we do like to offer seasonal fare and try new things, too.”

Dining in the Care Center

The Personal Care and Memory Care neighborhoods in The Heritage’s Care Center have their own restaurant and dining rooms, but the quality and variety of food are consistent with dining in independent living. “If the Brandywine Tavern in independent living is serving fresh fish, so is the Care Center,” explains Hildebrandt. “The entrées mirror each other, with the same fruits and vegetables. They aren’t stuck in a boring cycle, either. Food is a secondary concern in many communities’ assisted living neighborhoods. That’s certainly not the case at The Heritage.”

First Fridays are a prime example of this. In Independent Living, on the first Friday of every month, a band comes, a dance floor is opened up next to the full-service bar, and the kitchen serves light bar fare like wings, sliders, and pizza.

“It’s a party over here, but it’s also a campus-wide event. There’s music, fun, and top-notch party food in the Care Center at the same time, too!”

A Complete Experience

Great food is the foundation for The Heritage of Green Hills’ dining experience, but it is only part of what sets the community’s offerings apart.

“We understand that we’re acting as our residents’ personal kitchens,” says Hildebrandt. “We are cooking in their home. We’re not just serving food — we’re providing a welcoming setting for making memories, forming friendships, and enjoying companionship. We make sure that residents are proud to invite friends and family over for meals at the Brandywine Tavern.”

Hildebrandt works with a resident committee and receives comment cards from diners to make sure that his team lives up to — and hopefully exceeds — expectations in all aspects of dining. “We do plan our menus with resident input, bringing back old favorites and adding the dishes they’d like to see.”

The Heritage’s team of servers is known for their professionalism and warmth, and they are happy to deliver meals right to residents’ apartments if that’s what they prefer.

“I’ve spent 36 years working in senior living,” Hildebrandt explains. “It’s a special job. At one point, I tried something new, becoming an executive chef in a hospital, but I soon realized that I missed being part of a true community and had to return to my roots. The residents want to know who you are. They care about what your families are doing and how your son’s doing in school. I love what I do. It’s about more than just food. I brought my own family to dine here on New Year’s Day because I was working, and it was fun to see them welcomed by my family at The Heritage.”

While Hildebrandt is only in his second year at The Heritage of Green Hills, most of his team in the kitchen have been cooking there for 10 years, and a few have been with the community since it opened. This mix of experience and fresh perspective has proven to be a winning recipe.

“We’ve earned the trust of our residents by listening to them, offering gracious hospitality, and, of course, by serving up delicious food that they’ll love to eat every day.”


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