Residents of The Heritage of Green Hills Participate in Reading, PA Events

Nestled in the heart of Reading, Pennsylvania, the Heritage of Green Hills stands as a beacon of vibrant engagement and active participation in local activities and events. With a commitment to fostering a dynamic and enriching environment for its residents, The Heritage embraces the cultural tapestry of Reading, immersing itself in a diverse array of experiences that celebrate art, music, nature, and community connection.

April is abuzz with excitement at the Heritage, as residents and Passport Club Members eagerly anticipate a calendar brimming with engaging events that cater to a variety of interests and passions. Let’s take a journey through the upcoming festivities that promise to inspire, entertain, and foster a sense of belonging within the community.

4/5 Happy Hour – Our monthly First Friday Happy Hour is a resident favorite! Enjoy a pizza buffet and live entertainment from “By Request” – open to residents and Passport club Members.

4/8   Eclipse Party – Eclipse Yoga, Moonpies & Sun Chips will be served at our Eclipse event! Open to Heritage Residents and Passport Club Members.

4/13 – Cinderella at The Reading, Pa Civic Theater – Travel to the Reading, Pennsylvania Civic Theater to enjoy a performance of Cinderella. Reservations are required $25 per ticket.

4/20 – Berks Sinfonietta – “Spring in A Minor Key”, Reading, PA. Travel to The Berks Sinfonietta in Reading, PA to hear “Spring In A Minor Key”. Tickets are $20 each and space is limited.

4/22 – Earth Day – Giant Sunflower Seed Packets for community planting and an interactive Scavenger Hunt throughout the campus. 

4/23 – Stepping Into History – Spring Walk @ Berks Nature Angelica Creek Park in Reading, PA. Wander the lovely Angelica Creek in Reading, PA during the most beautiful season of the year. Learn about its history and preservation efforts. This event is free and residents and guests will meet in the lobby at 9:30 AM.

4/23 – A Day at The Heritage – Shillington, PA – Discover The Heritage Live it Up Lifestyle at our open house event! Join us for a day packed with demonstrations, classes, tours, and meals. Engage in classes, and explore our campus amenities like the train room and wood shop. Meet residents, staff, and healthcare partners as you tour the Care Center and available apartments. Don’t miss out on this fun-filled Day at The Heritage!

4/25 – Heritage Sage – Validation Therapy with Rita Altman – Shillington, PA – Validation is a philosophy for understanding the aging process and a method for communicating with empathy with older adults with cognitive change. This session will give participants insights and techniques to enhance their relationships and opportunities for positive interactions with their loved ones living with Alzheimer’s or related dementia.

Rita Altman, M.S.N., R.N., C.V.M., is a memory care consultant and former senior vice president of memory care and program services for a large, assisted living provider. She champions the well-being of older adults by developing holistic programs that bring meaning, purpose, and recognition that older people can guide and positively influence future generations.

As April unfolds in Reading, Pennsylvania, the Heritage of Green Hills stands as a shining example of active engagement, cultural enrichment, and community spirit. Through its participation in a myriad of events and activities, the Heritage not only celebrates the heritage of Reading but also creates cherished moments of joy, connection, and fulfillment for all who call it home.

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