Compassion Lives Here – Embracing Community

At The Heritage of Green Hills, we believe in the power of community. It’s not just a place to reside; it’s a community where residents actively cultivate the idea of “it takes a village.” We are proud of the way our residents support each other as they age gracefully.

In 2021, to combat the isolation of the pandemic and having multiple buildings, residents made the effort to reach out to others they didn’t see very often. It was an informal program (established by Jean Smith) where volunteers (affectionately known as “community friends”) willing to engage and socialize with their fellow resident’s set-up visits, made phone calls or video calls, working to connect and build a sense of belonging and interest outside of their immediate living environment.

Three years later, the program is 65+ community friends strong and has made a big impact on the morale and social dynamic of the community. The effort is now led by Linda Triozzi and Marie Haux and is formally known today as the Tri-C Committee or the Care Center Committee, which works closely with the management team from both the Care Center and Independent Living communities. “The Tri-C Committee, staff and all the friends have brought the Independent Living and Personal Care communities together as one. Volunteering is a labor of love for us–our happy place”, according to Triozzi and Haux.

Tri-C Community Friends offer companionship, activities, love, and outreach to fellow residents across all levels of care at The Heritage, including the Care Center which offers Personal Care, and Memory Care. The knowledge that a friend or neighbor cares and is there to help has increased the level of participation in social events and other activities across the entire community. “The work they’ve done over the last several years is truly amazing and has benefited our residents in so many wonderful ways”, says Michele Butch, Heritage Care Center Administrator. “The volunteers understand the importance and beauty of friendships and being connected to each other through shared experiences, interests and lifestyle”.

When one volunteer (Martha) moved from Independent Living to Personal Care, she was not ready to give up her day job as a “Heritage Hottie” Cheerleader, so she established an extension of the Hotties, the Care Center Cuties.  Her daughter recently shared her appreciation by saying: “I am writing to express my deepest gratitude for the compassionate care that you provided to my mother (and father) during her time at the Heritage and the Care Center. I want to acknowledge the work you do every day. The little gestures of kindness, the comforting words, and the genuine care. Your dedication to the well-being of others is truly commendable, and I am thankful for the difference you make in the lives of those you care for.

The connections built through the Tri-C group go beyond residents to their families. It’s inclusive of special events (Bingo, Book Club, Book Mobile, Music programs, Therapy Dogs and more) and simple remembrances like birthday cards, handwritten notes of encouragement and affirmation.

It is clear that something very special is happening at The Heritage of Green Hills. The mission of the Tri-C Committee to provide Continuity, Companionship and Connection to all residents is alive and well. We look forward to what happens next with this group of caregivers who remind us through selfless donation of time and friendship that compassion and friendship live here.

To learn more about how we Live it Up at The Heritage of Green Hills visit us at or phone 484-269-5100 to schedule a tour and consultation.

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