Getting To Know Us.

Friendly, upbeat and young at heart… these are your future neighbors at The Heritage of Green Hills senior living community. Watch and learn about their personal experiences at our retirement community in Shillington, near Reading. As you’ll see, they’re having the time of their lives.

“Our experiences in trying to care for aging parents opened our eyes to what our own future might entail.  We were determined to find a place and a life that not only kept us active, but also relieved our children of the worry of someday taking care of us.  We purposely chose the Heritage because it’s so full of life and a true community.  Our children and us are delighted that we made this decision and did not put it off until too late!”

“I came from a large retirement community in South Carolina and was afraid of going to the gym and working out.  The expertise of the men and women using the various exercise equipment was very intimidating and the specialized expensive clothing was not for me.  When I came to the Heritage, I thought I would try working out in the fitness center.  I met Lindsay, the Fitness Specialist who set me up with my own individual training plan.  Lindsay has made exercising so much fun and not intimidating at all.  The fitness center is only a small portion of why I love living at the Heritage.”

“I downsized from a four bedroom home to a two bedroom apartment at the Heritage.  I had a lot of downsizing to do but I figured out exactly what I would need in my apartment and went from there.  I gave a lot of my ‘stuff’ to family and friends and donated the rest to the Salvation Army and a women’s shelter.  I finally called an auctioneer who came and took everything else.  It felt good to give away my things to those who needed it more than me. It really surprised me how much time I spent out in the community and so little in my apartment.”