Heritage of Green Hills Throws Pop-up Mad Hatter Tea Party

The Heritage of Green Hills | Mad hatter tea party

To celebrate the recent International Tea Day, the Heritage of Greens Hills threw a pop-up Mad Hatter Tea Party, complete with ice tea, snacks, games, and crazy hats.

“We’ve been throwing unexpected pop-up parties all spring and we’ll continue into the summer,” says Cheryl Anderson, who is Director of Wellness at the healthy life plan community in Shillington, Pa. “There have been many unwanted surprises in all our lives this past year — I thought it would be great if we enjoyed a few happy surprises, too.”

Anderson only gave residents a day’s warning to grab (or make) their “Finest Mad Hatter’s Hat” in preparation for the outdoor celebration, which also featured a large-scale game of “Ice Tea Pong,” a more quaint and genteel take on a certain party game popular on college campuses.

In addition, attendees were challenged to take cards from a “Do Something Kind” deck, which includes suggestions like “Be kind to yourself,” “Post three sticky notes of uplifting messages in a public bathroom,” “Compliment service people you interact with,” and  “Slip someone a ‘You’re Awesome’ note.”

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