Heritage of Green Hills Throws an Every Type of Party Party

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First Happy Hour in 18 Months Celebrates All the Holidays We Missed

If you attended the first Heritage of Green Hills Happy Hour in 18 months, you’d be forgiven for not immediately recognizing what type of party was being thrown.

Thanksgiving? Valentine’s Day? President’s Day? Nope. It was a party for all the holidays at once!

Staff members at the Shillington, Pa. healthy life plan community sported a variety of hats to represent all the festive communal events that so many of us missed out on celebrating in person with family, friends and neighbors since last spring. There were Fourth of July headbands, Easter bunny ears and wedding veils, plus pilgrim, witch, birthday cake, turkey and leprechaun hats.

Meanwhile, the residents (some dressed up in fabulous costumes) danced to live music by The Three Amigos Band, which actually included four members for the event.

“It was wonderful to see everyone out enjoying themselves together, as a community,” says Heritage of Green Hills Executive Director Doug Walther.

Conveniently, there was an actual holiday to be celebrated around the date of the party — August 9 is International Beer Day — and frothy drinks were enjoyed alongside a clam bake buffet served by the staff and ice cream sundaes.

The Heritage of Green Hills continues to monitor and follow the CDC’s and local COVID safety protocols, and has recently installed an Accushield kiosk to screen visitors.

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