Heritage of Green Hills Celebrates International Day of Happiness

The Heritage of Green Hills | Resident with squid hat on

April 1, 2021

The Heritage of Green Hills, a healthy Life Plan Community in Cumru Township, Berks County, pulled out all the stops to spread cheer on March 20, the International Day of Happiness.

“It’s been a rough year, full of uncertainty,” said the community’s Well By Design Director Cheryl Anderson. “But now that spring has arrived and our team and residents have gotten both shots of the COVID-19 vaccination, we thought we should celebrate some things the pandemic couldn’t take away from us, like our friendships, a sense of humor and fun, and our creativity.”

Residents donned fabulously ridiculous squid hats to play the Best Friends Challenge, the Duck Chuck and Chicken Flickin’ at a “Don’t Worry, Be Happy” party held on the Tavern’s sun-soaked patio.

Harmonicas were handed out for a spontaneous concert and heaps of smiley-face cookies were served.

“The weather couldn’t have been better,” Anderson said. “Everyone got a much needed dose of vitamin D along with some healing laughter.”

The Heritage’s signature Well By Design program is a mind, body and spirit initiative offering activities, classes, events (like the International Day of Happiness Party) and services focusing on eight dimensions of wellness — social, physical, intellectual, emotional, vocational, spiritual, environmental and health services.

Learn more about International Day of Happiness at www.dayofhappiness.net. This year’s theme was “Keep Calm. Stay Wise. Be Kind.”

Learn more about the Well By Design program at The Heritage of Green Hills at heritageofgreenhills.com/independent-living/wellness/.

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