Spotlight on The Heritage Nurses

In honor of Nurse’s Appreciation Week, we are delighted to shine a spotlight on The Heritage of Green Hills exceptional nurses – Adrienne Dawkins- LPN, Erin Snyder, Care Center, Lori Knoll-LPN.

Spotlight on Nurse Adrienne Dawkins

Adrienne Dawkins, LPN, embodies dedication and compassion at The Heritage. Inspired by a colleague she transitioned from CNA to LPN, and for seventeen years her unwavering commitment to patient care has been at the forefront of her career. “My co-workers encouraged me to go back to school to become a nurse,” Adrienne shares warmly, “they told me- “I had what it takes”.” Highlights include saving a resident’s life with CPR and fostering community support. “I love to see residents thriving independently,” Adrienne remarks.

Adrienne’s passion lies in providing comfort in all stages of life. “I love to see people heal, and recover from injuries and illness, but I also want to be a comfort to those in the end stages of their life. If I didn’t work here at The Heritage, I would love to be a Hospice nurse,” she explains. Adrienne is grateful to colleagues and the community, saying, “It has been my pleasure serving you for the past seven years. I hope all residents of The Heritage find comfort in knowing that I, along with my small team of Kristine R., Lori K., my weekend nurse, and as of now, 3 Home Health Aides, Toni D., Brittany D., and Noelle R., are always willing to help if you need it.

Spotlight on Wellness Director Erin Snyder

Erin Snyder, LPN is the Director of Wellness at The Heritage Care Center. She brings over two decades of senior care experience, driven by a desire to honor her grandparents. “I believe nursing is a calling, and I wanted to increase the quality of life with the geriatric population,” Erin shares.With 22 years in the field, Erin’s expertise lies in Memory Support. “Building trust and connection with residents is my passion.  Memory Support and getting to know the residents as they are now,” Erin explains.Joining The Heritage was a natural fit, driven by a shared vision of compassionate care. “A successful healthcare team is built on patience, compassion, and teamwork,” Erin emphasizes. Her dedication to enriching the lives of seniors is evident, and we are fortunate to have her leading the Wellness Team in the Heritage Care Center!

Spotlight on Weekend Nurse Lori Knoll

Lori Knoll, LPN, our dedicated weekend nurse at The Heritage, brings compassion and expertise to her role, driven by her love for people.“I love being with people and taking care of them,” Lori shares warmly.With a son, two grandchildren, and one great-grandchild, family is central to Lori’s life. Outside of work, she finds joy in playing the piano and painting. Since 1992, Lori has been dedicated to nursing, specializing as a hospice and wound care nurse. “Being a nurse makes me feel good because I want residents to feel safe and taken care of,” Lori explains.In Lori, residents find not only a skilled healthcare professional but also a source of compassion and comfort.

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