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Can I afford to live here? Which floor plan is in my budget? How much will it all really cost? We understand that those questions are top of mind when you’re planning your future. That’s why we’ve created this easy floor plan affordability calculator. All you need to do is enter some basic information, like household size and ballpark estimates for income and net worth. Our quick and easy Floor Plan Finder will do the rest and show you floor plans that are a good match for your needs and budget.

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Your annual income is the total pre-tax amount from all sources, including investments, social security, annuities, pension and retirement funds.

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Can you estimate your net worth?

In this calculator, we’ll consider your net worth to consist of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, IRAs, trusts, the home you live in, and the value of any other real estate you own.

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Based on the information you’ve entered, here are your top floor plans. To see the full list of floor plans available to you, talk with one of our sales & marketing consultants, who will take you through your options and answer all of your questions. Please note: These results do not represent a commitment, contractual agreement or promise of either.

Now that you’ve matched your floor plan to your budget, and seen how the active, fun Heritage of Green Hills lifestyle is within your reach, the next step is scheduling a tour to see the different apartments and villas in person.

One of our sales & marketing consultants will review your results and get in touch with you soon. If you d like to get started right away, please call us at 484-709-1277. We’d love to go over your results in detail and arrange a tour of your favorite floor plan picks.

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