Advice on Personal Care Benefits for Seniors

At Green Hills Manor, all care is personal.

As a charge nurse at Green Hills Manor, Eileen Darling is responsible for supervising staff, following the physician’s care plan and communicating with residents’ families. When discussing her care philosophy, Eileen sums it up this way – “I’m going into their homes, so I treat residents how I’d like to be treated.”

Before joining Green Hills, Eileen worked at area rehab hospitals and skilled nursing communities, and also provided in-home care. And while there may be demanding moments, she really likes serving the residents of Green Hills Manor the best, developing a simple formula for success over the years.

“First, you have to love what you do so you can do the best you can. And second, you must be flexible. Everyone has different needs and you never know what to expect,” she explained.

Of course, having a great staff to work with makes a world of difference too. “My staff is awesome,” she said. “We work as a team focused exclusively on the residents’ well-being.”

According to Eileen, their total team approach is something everyone notices. “Families bring us little gifts to make us feel appreciated, with notes that say, ‘Thanks for taking care of my mom’ or ‘Thanks for taking care of my dad,’ and that feels really good.”

While Eileen appreciates all the gifts and recognition, she really enjoys the daily connections she makes. “At the end of the day, what I like most is having the opportunity and time to develop meaningful relationships with residents and their families.”

If you’d like to learn more about our Personal Care philosophy or how we can help your loved one, fill out the Contact Us form on this page or call us at 484.577.3515.


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