Active Seniors Are Healthier Seniors

Senior couple running to stay active and healthy

As we get older in retirement, it can be easy to slide into a sedentary lifestyle. However, staying active is key to remaining healthy, both mentally and physically, as we age. Here are a few benefits of prioritizing physical activity in your senior years.

Benefits of Staying Active in Your Senior Years

Exercise is fun and a great hobby for seniors, but it also has several health benefits. Adding physical activity to your daily routine, like a brisk walk or a stretching class with a friend, can help you feel better and liver a healthier, more fulfilling life. Benefits include:

Maintain Independence

Regular exercise is important for older adults to build coordination and balance, as well as strength and flexibility. This is important not just to maintain independence and mobility, but it is also beneficial for seniors who are more susceptible to falls.

Prevent Disease

Staying active as you age can help prevent many common illnesses including diabetes and heart disease. Even more, regular exercise can help boost immunity which is important for older adults who have a compromised immune system. 

Improve Mental Health

Exercise benefits more than your physical health—it supports your mental health, too! When you are physically active, your body releases endorphins which act as a stress reliever. These “feel good” hormones can improve your mood, reduce feelings of depression or anxiety and enhance your overall quality of life.

Better Cognitive Function

Finding ways to incorporate exercise into your daily routine can help improve your overall brain health. Some studies show that physical activities in your senior years can even reduce the risk for developing Alzheimer’s disease and dementia.

Opportunities to Socialize

Adopting a regular workout routine can be fun and engaging. Whether you walk daily with neighbors or join a group fitness class, exercise is a great way to make new friends, socialize and stay motivated in your fitness journey. This is especially true in personal care and independent living communities. Senior fitness programs present ideal opportunities to meet new neighbors and engage with them in a comfortable environment.

Active Living at The Heritage of Green Hills

At The Heritage of Green Hills, we understand the importance of physical movement and its impact on our residents’ health and wellbeing. We encourage an active, healthy lifestyle through a variety of programs and fun activities, including our fully-equipped fitness center, heated swimming pool, yoga classes and more. To schedule a tour and learn more about personal care, contact The Heritage of Green Hills today.

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