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Feeling truly well is a multidimensional concept. This goal goes beyond a sensible dinner and a long walk — although both can contribute to living well. Senior care at The Heritage of Green Hills encompasses every facet of a resident’s lifestyle to create a sense of holistic well-being. That’s why we embrace the Well by Design senior wellness program. Within this program, we design community offerings around 8 Dimensions of Wellness.

Physical Wellness

We believe physical wellness in senior living communities should be customizable. Some people prefer to visit the gym on their own and fit in workouts around their schedules. Others would rather join a regularly scheduled group class with an instructor. Still others prefer to walk, jog or bike outside. We design fitness opportunities to appeal to different seniors. If they can exercise conveniently and in a way that interests them, they’re more likely to stick with a regular practice. And by doing so, these seniors can build a greater range of motion, improve their strength and balance, and develop better cardiovascular health.

Proper nutrition is another important factor in physical wellness. At The Heritage, our dining services team offers thoughtfully designed menus that include low-calorie choices, a wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, and a constantly evolving selection of dishes. All meals are homemade by our chef and dining team to promote the well-being of our residents. A balanced diet can improve many chronic conditions, provide higher energy levels, improve sleep and boost immunity.

Social Wellness

Community living provides seniors with exponentially more opportunities to meet new friends and develop existing friendships. Though residents may choose to spend time alone, every meal, every engaging activity and club, even just a walk around the campus offers a chance to socialize. Healthy socialization can reduce risk of depression, improve sleep, boost cognition and strengthen immunity.

Emotional Wellness

Aging comes with new challenges that  can tax older adults’ emotional strength. Seniors can find comfort in strong social connections, therapy animal interactions, support groups and professional counseling. Opportunities to connect with nature, express oneself through art, or volunteer for those less fortunate can also bolster emotional wellness.

Vocational Wellness

Everyone needs to feel useful, like they have skills to contribute to their community and can spend their energy productively to feel like they’re living well. Senior care, in its truest form, should help people find purpose and meaning. The Heritage of Green Hills has seen just how impressive our residents are. They lead groups and clubs; they volunteer for the good of their greater community; they contribute meaningfully to their families and social groups.

Intellectual Wellness

Retirement years offer more time to seek out educational and intellectual opportunities. Learning new skills, being exposed to new ideas, and exercising memory can have a positive impact on general cognition and intellectual wellness. Senior living communities provide residents chances to enjoy guest speakers, experiment with new hobbies, join intellectual groups and clubs, and participate in fun trivia games.

Spiritual Wellness

Spirituality calls us to look beyond ourselves, beyond our current situation, and connect to something bigger. To support and respect the varied ways seniors express their spirituality, The Heritage of Green Hills offers religious services, hymn singing, meditation, and landscaped walkways and beautiful scenery to connect to nature. Consistent spiritual practice can increase resiliency and help ease suffering in trying times.

Environmental Wellness

A clean and comfortable environment can enhance our mood and motivation. Good lighting, clear walkways, and easy navigation contribute to positive feelings within  a space. Environmental wellness is one of the benefits of living in a well-designed and well-maintained community. We work hard not only to make our campus inviting and comfortable, but also to contribute to our larger environment by recycling and repurposing whenever possible.

Health Services

Having senior health care on-site can provide peace of mind and higher quality of life. If you need added support, you know you won’t have to go far. Many seniors discover a weight lifts off their shoulders when they have a solid plan in place for handling a variety of life’s what-ifs.

Well by DesignSM Home Care

To provide higher-quality health services and support residents’ overall sense of well-being, The Heritage of Green Hills provides a wellness clinic right on campus. Residents can conveniently receive routine services such as flu shots, blood pressure checks, wound care and more. Independent living residents can receive in-home support after an illness or hospital stay.  And to ensure residents receive the help they need, our director of residential health services and our dedicated Well by DesignSM Home Care team will discuss your current needs and help you design a specialized program to address those needs. With this program, independent living residents can remain in their apartment or villa while receiving care. Trained therapists and specialists will arrive at your door to help you achieve your recovery goals with ease. Additionally, to provide higher-quality health services and support residents’ overall sense of well-being, The Heritage of Green Hills provides a wellness clinic with physical and occupational therapy along with a number of specialist services right on campus.

For seniors looking to grow their definition of wellness, senior living communities provide myriad resources and opportunities. If you’d like to know more in general about wellness in senior living communities or about our own commitment to holistic wellness, please contact us. A member of The Heritage team would be happy to answer any questions.


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