3 Things Your Elderly Parents Don’t Want To Give Up

You and Mom both know it’s time for her to seriously consider a move to a senior living community, but she’s hesitating. Moving elderly parents to senior living is a big step for many people, and your mom is likely concerned about losing the independence she’s known for decades.

By understanding some of the emotions she’s experiencing-and what she might feel she’s giving up-you’ll be better positioned to help her make the transition.

  1. Her sense of purpose. All of us want to feel useful and needed, but as people age, there will be things they can no longer do. Even performing the smallest of household tasks-like folding laundry, gardening, or baking-may have become difficult for Mom. While the type of activities she can perform may have changed, your mother can still live a fulfilling, purposeful life. The professionals in a senior living or assisted living community can help her find new ways to stay engaged-maybe by reading the newspaper to another resident, learning to use a computer, or singing in a community choral group. In her new residence, Mom is likely to have access to a wider array of activities than she had on her own, and just as likely to find things that will keep her busy and happy.
  2. Her independence. Mom has been independent her entire adult life, so it can be an adjustment to have others do things for her now. What she may not realize, however, is that moving to senior a living community can actually prolong her independence. On-site staff will take care of daily tasks such as cooking and cleaning so she’ll have the freedom to discover new interests and activities. If she is unable to drive, she won’t be isolated as she might be in the family home. Instead, she’ll have access to safe and reliable transportation to doctors’ appointments, church, and any number of social events like movie nights.
  3. Her active lifestyle. If Mom is still relatively healthy and outgoing, she may worry that her lifestyle will become more sedate in a senior living community. Thankfully, that’s not the case. Most senior living communities offer a wide variety of programs and facilities that cater to active residents, such as yoga and tai chi classes, exercise centers, cultural outings, and more. Senior living communities aim to have something for everyone, so as you’re researching her options, ask her to lay out her must-haves-whether they include a daily swim, formal dining options, or a nearby walking trail-so that she feels confident she’ll be able to transition and maintain her lifestyle after the move.

As you continue your research together, contact us for answers to any questions you might have.


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