Flexibility to Suit Your Personal Financial Goals

plan-optionsUnlike other retirement communities in Shillington or elsewhere in Pennsylvania, The Heritage offers you a multitude of options… and surprising flexibility to suit your individual needs. If you’re considering a senior living community, you’re invited to visit with us so we can work together to customize a plan just for you. Please call (484) 772-8463.

Fee-for-service: a wise and practical choice. Because The Heritage offers healthcare on a fee-for-service basis, you pay for health services only if you use those services. You’ll never be asked to pay in advance for services you may not use.

Entrance Fee Options: Choose the plan that suits you best.

  • 100% Refundable Entrance Fee — Payable to you or your estate, no matter how long you live at The Heritage. This popular choice gives you the ability to preserve your estate.
  • 75% Refundable Entrance Fee — Functions the same way as the 100% option, but with a smaller entrance fee.
  • Declining Balance Entrance Fee — The most affordable option. Provides a 5-year time period during which a resident may leave The Heritage and receive a partial refund.

Entrance Fee Financing: Move forward with your future plans now.

Through a special arrangement with Elderlife Financial Services and its Capital Access Program, you can start enjoying The Heritage lifestyle while your home is on the market. Specifically, the Capital Access Program offers you the option of financing all or a portion of your entrance fee by accessing capital without liquidating your assets.

To learn more about the plan options available at The Heritage of Green Hills, contact us online today or call (484) 772-8463.