Cheryl AndersonCheryl Anderson, Well by Design Director

Well by Design is a program that takes a philosophical approach to proactive living, making wellness and vitality a way of life. The core of Cheryl’s job is centered on self-direction and personal coaching to help residents find their strengths and pursue new ones. “We target the whole-person wellness way of life,” she said. “It’s about body, mind and spirit. My department helps residents discover the inspiration and means to have an active and rewarding lifestyle.”

The best part of her job is the resident interaction and excitement on a daily basis. “The electric energy in our buildings is contagious.”

When asked what she does for fun, Cheryl said, “My children and family are my #1. The ocean and sand between my toes or a book and my pool  are also on the top of my list.”

Administrator – John FarberJohn.Farber.HGHL

John joined Green Hills Manor as the Administrator in February 2016. He brings 20 years of experience in executive senior services positions, and a positive perspective on his work.

“I feel the work I do every day makes a difference to the residents I work around and our community,” he said. ” I know when I go home that I truly did something meaningful and important.”

This attitude is reflected in one of his favorite quotes: “I’m convinced of this: good done anywhere is good done everywhere. For a change, start by speaking to people rather than walking by them like they’re stones that don’t matter. As long as you’re breathing, it is never to late to do some good.” Maya Angelou

If you’d like to get him talking about something else he holds near and dear – ask about his collection of Japanese cars.

Resident Services Nurse: Michelle Schappell

Michelle has been with The Heritage for about seven years. She describes herself as a hands-on nurse – and she loves it. Michelle is the one who calls the doctor if a resident isn’t feeling well, arranges meals when they’re sick, and follows their progress if they are in the hospital. Her attention to detail means they get the in-home care, medication reminders, and assistance they need. On top of that, she makes sure paperwork, billing, and scheduling are done correctly.

Michelle is studying for her RN, enjoys caring for her two young sons, and goes rock climbing when she can find the time.


“I like making a difference in [residents’] lives,” she said. “I treat them how I would treat my family.”


Mark Sweigart

Fitness Program Coordinator: Mark Sweigart

Mark is a graduate of West Chester University, and has a degree in Exercise Physiology. His athletic background and experience in many different fields of fitness let him bring a non-traditional approach. Efficiency and functionality are what he emphasizes, aiming to help you function better through specific fitness goals made just for you.

He loves martial arts, basketball, Brazilian jiu jitsu, and his yellow lab. If you want to hear about his geeky side, just ask him to compare Marvel Comics to DC Comics!

Favorite quote:

“True strength is not always shown through victory. Stand up, try again, and display strength of heart.” Rickson Gracie